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Did you know that … the original nursery rhyme went like this?

Posted by Schnecke on September 2, 2007

Well,  It’s about time I started to post about one of my favourite subjects… Trivia about TV shows and films. And this first ‘Trivia’ post is about one of the many hilarious gags of that wonderful show Friends … Ah! So many good laughs!!

In ‘The One with the Thumb’ (Chapter 1.3 of Friends) Phoebe sings a nursery rhyme that is supposed to go as follows …

 There was a crooked man

Who had a crooked smile

Who lived in a shoe

For a while …

 As I am not a native speaker of English I do not know if that nursery rhyme is quite/a bit/very famous for native speakers. From the puzzled look on Ross’ face we see that Phoebe doesn’t remember the words of the song properly (or else, remembers her own version of the rhyme, learnt from her mother before she killed herself? from the famous ‘albino guy’ she lived with before he also killed himself?…?)

These are the TWO original songs that gave way to ‘The Crooked Man Who lived in a Shoe’:

There was a Crooked Man 

There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

There was an old Woman who lived in a shoe 

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children she didn’t know what to do!
So she gave them some broth without any bread,
And she whipped them all soundly and sent them to bed!

Not exactly smooth the words of those old nursery rhymes … but that’s off the topic.

Blog to you soon. 

Please, submit any comments you may have on this post. Thanks!


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Posted by Schnecke on August 31, 2007

Today is blogday. All around the blogosphere bloggers will be recommending one another to the blogging community.

According to www.blogday.org  these are the BlogDay posting instructions:

  1. Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting
  2. Notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2007
  3. Write a short description of the Blogs and place a link to the recommended Blogs
  4. Post the BlogDay Post (on August 31st) and
  5. Add the BlogDay tag using this link:
    http://technorati.com/tag/BlogDay2007 and a link to the BlogDay web site at http://www.blogday.org/

This post is my contribution.

– My points of view:  Great pictures and more. Sometimes images speak louder than words.

El Espontáneo:  A whole lot of interesting posts, videos and more. (in Spanish)

Halón Disparado: A blog about maaaaaaany things … a bit of a chaos sometimes but very instructive 🙂 (in Spanish)

Blog Traffic School: One of my favourite blogs because it helps me learn a lot…. (I still need some time to put all those things into practice… :S )

Bloggy Morgan: A great blog with opinion and info about different computer related topics and more…

Happy BlogDay 2007 to everyone!!

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Minesweeper, the movie

Posted by Schnecke on August 29, 2007

Hi again,

As you see, I have not kept my first-day-promise and I have NOT written on the blog every day as recommended by a fellow blogger (see previous posts). I assume that writing on a blog everyday is tiring and many times you do not have anything interesting to share with ‘the family’. I have thus decided to commit myself to writing  on the blog once a week minimum and everytime I have something important to share – provided I have the time to write about it   🙂 !

One of my main interests and hobbies/passtimes is to look  at other blogs to see the thousands of possibilities that blogging may offer and also as a source of ‘interesting stuff’ for my own blog. Today I have been learning to install my site meter – to keep track of the visits to my blog- and I have found a couple of very interesting pages.

1. I highly recommend watching the trailer of the upcoming “Minesweeper- the movie”. I couldn’t stop laughing……. I have created a permalink in my blogroll to Colege Humor, where you can watch the video. Please, let me know if you liked it.

I have to credit El Espontáneo for finding the video………

2. I hear there is going to be a Blog Day August, 31st. I will write a new post especifically about this a.s.a.p.

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Another way to find WiFi hotspots

Posted by Schnecke on July 28, 2007

I have installed Netstumbler on my PC and………. nothing happened. As you may have noticed I’m definitely not an advanced user of technology. I do my best to keep up with the most basic programmes and I also try to  keep learning as much as I can. But I most probably do many things wrong.

So, probably Netstumbler is not working because I did something wrong or else I did not do something that I should have done. The fact is that I cannot say anything good about the app (though it is probably wonderfully developed).

However, I’ve found another programme for finding WiFi hotspots which does work. It’s an application that can be used with or without internet connection and it has information about all Hotspots in Spain (allegedly…). I hope you find it useful. Click here for more info, there is a link to download the programme.

This is presumably the last post about the topic but you are welcome to send any comments about any of the programmes mentioned.

Blog to you soon.

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Posted by Schnecke on July 27, 2007

Hi again. I “skipped blog” yesterday and I apologize for having broken that first rule I wrote on my first post: writing on the blog every single day…. :´(

I have to say that it won’t be the last time I do it, since I’m going on holiday next Monday for a week and I’m almost sure that I won’t have the chance to write any new posts. I may have the time, however, to quickly log in to answer to any comments you may have. . but I can’t promise.

Going back to my “letting you down” for a day, I confess that I had planned to write about the results with the Netstumbler, but since I hadn’t “done my homework” (i.e. installing and trying out the programme, so that I could tell you about it) I put off my posting on and on…

So here I am, writing again but still with no news about the app because I (again!) haven’t tried it out.

This post is about something I found out yesterday and which called my attention as a teacher of English/ linguist/ translator. The name of the post doesn’t ring a bell? It must be quite obvious for English speaker users of blogs, chats, etc. but it may not be quite as clear for non-native speakers of English, especially if they haven’t used the so-called “new technologies” for communicating with others in English.

The abreviations and acronyms are pervasive in the ever increasing phenomena of text messaging (SMS), instant messaging (MSN Messenger…), chat rooms (IRC…), and some of them are coming into other more traditional types of communication: advertising, teen magazines,…

Apart from abreviations and acronyms, there is a newly created linguistic term to name “words” like LOL (laughing out loud or lots of laughs) or IMHO (in my humble opinion). They are called initialisms and they are everywhere. Another example is the title of the post, and if you search for ‘LOL’ in Wikipedia, you’ll find out more. 

I hope you found this as interesting as I did.

Blog to you soon.

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A bit of a commercial for residents in Spain (who read Spanish)

Posted by Schnecke on July 25, 2007

As I said in my Welcome message, I am determined to start up a blog and do it right (as much as I can…). For that reason, I have invested some money on paper magazines about computers and Internet. I know I can get as much help (or more) from the Internet, and at a lower price or even for free. But for some  reason my relationship with technology goes a bit slowly, and … is still inconsistent to some extent.

Getting to the point, one of the magazines I bought is “Personal computer and Internet, Extra Internet Práctico, nº 4”, distributed in Spain by DISPAÑA and in America by HISPAMEDIA. The Magazine (in Spanish) comes with a CD which contains some interesting apps. One of them is Netstumbler 0.4, whose existence I didn’t know about (as happens with sooooo many wonderful apps/tools/programmes…). This app helps you detect WiFi nets nearby. It is very useful for people who travel a lot, or who move frequently.

I have to say that I haven’t tested it yet…. lack of time, as always. But hopefully, I will soon and will let you know how it goes.

I don’t know if this app runs for other countries different from Spain, but I hope the information is useful for some1.

Blog to you soon.

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Welcome to my first blog

Posted by Schnecke on July 23, 2007

Hello world!! I have no idea of what my blog should be like because I do not visit blogs very often. Anyway, I promise to do my best..

This is my first attempt to create a blog. My intention is to write about interesting stuff that I happen to find mostly by chance. This is not a specialized blog. This blog is about things that do not have any importance for 90% of the world but which I find interesting for one reason or another. 

I am an ESL teacher in Spain and I really want to start up a blog for my students next year (in September-October 2007) to help them through their learning of English. So, the idea is to use this first blog to overview the possibilities of blogs and have fun while I’m at it…

It is possible that I do not have the chance to write every day here, but I will try.

I read recently somewhere two useful tips that I would like to share with you:

First one was: – writing a blog (or a novel, or articles for newspapers…) needs a routine. Each one should decide the best routine for him/herself. I think I read it somewhere in Stephen Downes’s Half an Hour blog http://halfanhour.blogspot.com/ (I may not have read it there but have a look at that wonderful blog, it has some really interesting articles).

Second one came from the Blog Traffic King, Yaro Starak http://www.blogtrafficking.com/, and the tip was: write every day and answer to all those who write comments on your blog.

As a first post I think that could do, but I will give out my first own piece of advice: If you find something interesting on the internet SAVE IT STRAIGHT AWAY!! Cut/paste it in a doc word, tag it as Favourite or do it your own way, but DO IT, because it is amazing how easily you find something by chance while surfing on the net and HOW DIFFICULT it is to reach the same point on a different day…  That happened to me yesterday for the last time: I started this blog, I found “somewhere” instructions to introduce a link inside the text. I didn’t save the page and left the blog without writing anything. Now I want to insert a link in the text and don’t know how.

I will appreciate any comments about the blog and especially hints and advice about the basics of a blog.

Blog to you soon.

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Hello world!

Posted by Schnecke on July 22, 2007

Please, be welcomed to my humble brand new blog….

All comments welcome!

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