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Erasmus + and eTwinning

It’s been a long way since our school (EOI ÁVILA in Spain) decided to apply for an Erasmus+ grant for the first time. It’s been interesting and also tough, mainly because we (I, at least) still needed to get a lot of work done in terms of understanding the spirit of the E+ as opposed to other programmes more familiar to us, such as Grundtvig.

But we are finally on our way to enjoying an E+ grant for the following two years (yay!!).

eTwinning --B

And, although our application did not include an eTwinning project as such, we’ve always seen eTwinning partnerships as a great opportunity at oh! so many levels.

So, when enrolment for the Open eTwinning Mooc opened in Educalab, I was determined to finally get to understand (as much as possible) all the oportunities eTwinning had to offer us as teachers of Spanish, French, Italian, German and English as a foreign language.

That’s the story of how I signed up before the course started and I’ve been reading and learning more and more each day about different projects and different perspectives.

This blog will help share my journey towards being a real eTwinner…

I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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