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I survived Soria 2006-2007

Posted by Schnecke on September 25, 2007

I am moving once again (and unfortunately I’m afraid it won’t be the last time).

From September 17th I will be living closer to Asturias than Madrid.

It’s been two weeks since I was in Soria for the last time and I thought it would be nice to say goodbye to you all with this post… I’ll see you around!!

Best of the best for all of you!   ….. you know who….. MJ, S,— A, —M, F, E, L, M, G, E, JL, P, — N, S, MJ, F,— J, M, A, —M, L, MA … but especially to all those who didn’t expect to find something ‘like that’ in Soria…

Due to my being fully devoted to studying for my exams next June :-s  I might be a little absent from the blog (or else I will write about the boring stuff I’ll be reading every day for my exams) either way you may get bored and not come back again. So I leave here a few links that I enjoy reading when I have free time (I used to have some)…

“Did you not have time to watch the classics of all time?” This web is a riot, have a look at it and let me know if you liked it… (Thanks to Halón Disparado).

One of the best blogs (in Spanish…) and another one (also Spanish, sorry).

If you’d like to start a blog visit The Traffic Blog.

Some of my friends’ blogs, all of them in Spanish: Moker, Pearl Van and Morgan.

I hope to come back soon….Be good!!


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Thanks for reading me…

Posted by Schnecke on September 10, 2007

(Sorry this is a fairly self-concerned post.)

I have been learning some things about blogs and WordPress. From Moker I learnt how to add a site-meter to my blog. The one he had did not work for WordPress so I had to find one that worked with my blog. Visiting other WordPress blogs, I found SiteMeter, very similar to the Blog Patrol (or at least, similar enough… it counted visits, haha).

Now that I have it installed I visit my SiteMeter every now and then and it is very interesting (and surprising!) to see that some people spend more than one hour visiting my blog… I don’t think there’s so much to see!!!

Well, there must be because it’s happened several times… I’m REALLY surprised and happy about that and now I only wish that one of those people who enjoy reading my blog leave a comment with their opinion (somebody apart from siblings and cousins -thanks Morgan, Moker and Intuition).

I repeat that eeeeeeeeeeeeeverybody is welcomed to leave their comment whichever it might be. And from yesterday on, you don’t have to wait for me to approve your comments.

People from Galicia, Extremadura, Andalucia, …I know there’s somebody out there reading me… don’t be shy… come out and comment……………. if you wish.


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