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Thanks for reading me…

Posted by Schnecke on September 10, 2007

(Sorry this is a fairly self-concerned post.)

I have been learning some things about blogs and WordPress. From Moker I learnt how to add a site-meter to my blog. The one he had did not work for WordPress so I had to find one that worked with my blog. Visiting other WordPress blogs, I found SiteMeter, very similar to the Blog Patrol (or at least, similar enough… it counted visits, haha).

Now that I have it installed I visit my SiteMeter every now and then and it is very interesting (and surprising!) to see that some people spend more than one hour visiting my blog… I don’t think there’s so much to see!!!

Well, there must be because it’s happened several times… I’m REALLY surprised and happy about that and now I only wish that one of those people who enjoy reading my blog leave a comment with their opinion (somebody apart from siblings and cousins -thanks Morgan, Moker and Intuition).

I repeat that eeeeeeeeeeeeeverybody is welcomed to leave their comment whichever it might be. And from yesterday on, you don’t have to wait for me to approve your comments.

People from Galicia, Extremadura, Andalucia, …I know there’s somebody out there reading me… don’t be shy… come out and comment……………. if you wish.



2 Responses to “Thanks for reading me…”

  1. Moker said

    Hi Di!!!

    Thank you for your comments about me and my blog. Finally I decided to write a comment (in English). I only hope that you can understand it. I have a lot of fun reading every day your blog. Please still writting.


  2. Schnecke said

    Hi there, Moker!!

    Congratulations!! You see? It wasn’t that difficult. Thanks for reading me and I promise to keep writing.

    I’m moving AGAIN and I still don’t know how easy it will be for me to keep up with the blog. But I promise I will try. Or as Bart Simpson said: “I can’t promise I’ll try. But I’ll try to try”.(For more Simpson quotes you can click here or here or here <<<the last one has a lot of spelling mistakes, so forget about it if you’re still trying to learn (good) English…)

    🙂 See you!!

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