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How long is it gonna take us?!

Posted by Schnecke on September 5, 2007

…. …. …. ….  

I think the video is enough comment about the topic. It is a teenager’s speech on climate change which was delivered in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) also known as the Earth Summit. It took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 3rd to 14th, 1992. It’s been more than 15 years since that summit. 

Watch Video

I thank Isabel Perez for her amazing compilation work …


4 Responses to “How long is it gonna take us?!”

  1. Moker said

    Hola primi!!!

    Estaba escribiendo en inglés pero al final he decidido que no era capaz de hacerlo, me ha podido la verguenza y lo he borrado todo. Solo quería decirte que paso por aquí todos los días y leo lo que escribes. En mi blog te he agregado a la lista de links si no te importa.

    Un besito muy muy fuerte.

  2. Schnecke said

    Dear Moker,

    I have approved your comment although it was in Spanish…. (I’m waving my finger at you…) Next time you drop by write in English, please. DO NOT worry about mistakes, the important thing is that you make yourself understood. Best regards!!!

  3. Schnecke said

    Oh, and Moker, of course I do not mind you leaving my link in your blog. I will soon make a list of my favourite blogs myself, and of course you will be on the list!! Talk to you soon. http://pumadegredos.blogspot.com/

  4. intuition said

    Congratulations for your blog. I actually want to thank you for talking to me about blogs because although I had heard about them I haven`t shown any interest in them, now some of them are even in my favourites…Best wishes and good luck!

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