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Minesweeper, the movie

Posted by Schnecke on August 29, 2007

Hi again,

As you see, I have not kept my first-day-promise and I have NOT written on the blog every day as recommended by a fellow blogger (see previous posts). I assume that writing on a blog everyday is tiring and many times you do not have anything interesting to share with ‘the family’. I have thus decided to commit myself to writing  on the blog once a week minimum and everytime I have something important to share – provided I have the time to write about it   🙂 !

One of my main interests and hobbies/passtimes is to look  at other blogs to see the thousands of possibilities that blogging may offer and also as a source of ‘interesting stuff’ for my own blog. Today I have been learning to install my site meter – to keep track of the visits to my blog- and I have found a couple of very interesting pages.

1. I highly recommend watching the trailer of the upcoming “Minesweeper- the movie”. I couldn’t stop laughing……. I have created a permalink in my blogroll to Colege Humor, where you can watch the video. Please, let me know if you liked it.

I have to credit El Espontáneo for finding the video………

2. I hear there is going to be a Blog Day August, 31st. I will write a new post especifically about this a.s.a.p.


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