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Another way to find WiFi hotspots

Posted by Schnecke on July 28, 2007

I have installed Netstumbler on my PC and………. nothing happened. As you may have noticed I’m definitely not an advanced user of technology. I do my best to keep up with the most basic programmes and I also try to  keep learning as much as I can. But I most probably do many things wrong.

So, probably Netstumbler is not working because I did something wrong or else I did not do something that I should have done. The fact is that I cannot say anything good about the app (though it is probably wonderfully developed).

However, I’ve found another programme for finding WiFi hotspots which does work. It’s an application that can be used with or without internet connection and it has information about all Hotspots in Spain (allegedly…). I hope you find it useful. Click here for more info, there is a link to download the programme.

This is presumably the last post about the topic but you are welcome to send any comments about any of the programmes mentioned.

Blog to you soon.


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