Did you know that…?

(my humble contribution to the blogosphere)


Posted by Schnecke on July 27, 2007

Hi again. I “skipped blog” yesterday and I apologize for having broken that first rule I wrote on my first post: writing on the blog every single day…. :´(

I have to say that it won’t be the last time I do it, since I’m going on holiday next Monday for a week and I’m almost sure that I won’t have the chance to write any new posts. I may have the time, however, to quickly log in to answer to any comments you may have. . but I can’t promise.

Going back to my “letting you down” for a day, I confess that I had planned to write about the results with the Netstumbler, but since I hadn’t “done my homework” (i.e. installing and trying out the programme, so that I could tell you about it) I put off my posting on and on…

So here I am, writing again but still with no news about the app because I (again!) haven’t tried it out.

This post is about something I found out yesterday and which called my attention as a teacher of English/ linguist/ translator. The name of the post doesn’t ring a bell? It must be quite obvious for English speaker users of blogs, chats, etc. but it may not be quite as clear for non-native speakers of English, especially if they haven’t used the so-called “new technologies” for communicating with others in English.

The abreviations and acronyms are pervasive in the ever increasing phenomena of text messaging (SMS), instant messaging (MSN Messenger…), chat rooms (IRC…), and some of them are coming into other more traditional types of communication: advertising, teen magazines,…

Apart from abreviations and acronyms, there is a newly created linguistic term to name “words” like LOL (laughing out loud or lots of laughs) or IMHO (in my humble opinion). They are called initialisms and they are everywhere. Another example is the title of the post, and if you search for ‘LOL’ in Wikipedia, you’ll find out more. 

I hope you found this as interesting as I did.

Blog to you soon.


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